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Student Registration

You are ready for student registration if you are a:

• current Kingsman Academy student

• former Kingsman Academy student

• student who has applied and been informed that you are eligible to register

If you have not yet applied to be a student at Kingsman Academy, please click here to apply.

All Kingsman Academy students, both returning and newly-enrolled, must submit all required documentation in order to attend Kingsman Academy in the 2020-2021 school year.

New students only

Seat Acceptance Form

This is to officially accept a seat at Kingsman Academy and must be your first step in the registration process. 

All students

Registration Office Hours

We encourage all families to make an appointment to meet virtually with a member of the Kingsman Academy enrollment team on the computer or phone to complete the registration paperwork together. Appointments are available Monday through Thursday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. You can make an appointment by clicking the button or by calling (202) 547-1028. 

Make an Appointment

Online Registration Packet

The family of every current Kingsman Academy student and every family who has completed the Seat Acceptance Form has received a personalized online registration packet in their email. You must access this email to begin the registration process. If you recently submitted your Seat Acceptance Form, your enrollment packet email may take up to 24 hours to arrive. 

Look for an email From: "Kingsman Academy Enrollment"; Subject: "Your student registration packet"

Once you have followed the steps in this email, you will be able to begin completing your registration materials. You will also obtain a reference number you can use to return to your registration packet, make changes, and submit the completed packet. If you have already started your packet and know your registration number, you can access your packet here:

If you need help, please make an appointment to meet virtually with a member of our enrollment team by clicking the link below or by calling the school at (202) 547-1028.

Make an Appointment

Step 1: Complete the online registration forms

Click the buttons to access and complete each form. If you need assistance accessing or completing the forms, please make an appointment for Registration Office Hours. You may also make an office hours appointment by phone: (202) 547-1028. 

Make an Appointment

DC Universal Health Form

For students who have expired health forms or health forms that will expire any time before September 1, 2020, new health forms must be submitted. 

DC Oral Health Form

For students who have expired oral health forms or oral health forms that will expire any time before September 1, 2020, new oral health forms must be submitted. 

Medical Treatment Plan (if applicable)

Use this form if the student has medication and/or a medical procedure plan to be administered at the school. 

Home Language Survey

All families must complete this form.

Releases, Consents, and Authorizations

All families must complete this form.

Student Handbook Acknowledgment

All families must complete this form. To review the Kingsman Academy Student & Family Handbook, click here.

Step 2: Submit student records and proof of residency

There are two primary ways to submit documentation while the school building is closed:

1. Submit scans, photographs, or electronic versions of records through our secure record submission portal. Documents must be clear and readable. Every submission must include the name of the student.

2. Make an appointment for Registration Office Hours to make alternative arrangements for submitting your documentation. You may also make an office hours appointment by phone: (202) 547-1028. 

Make an Appointment

Documents that must be submitted

Student Birth Certificate

A copy of the student birth certificate must be submitted to the school.

Parent/Guardian Proof of Identity

A copy of a proof of identity must be submitted and must be an unexpired, legal form of identification (drivers license, state ID, or passport).

Most Recent Report Card (new students only)

A copy of the student's most recent report card must be submitted.

Proof of Immunization

All students attending school in DC must present proof of appropriately spaced immunizations by the first day of school. Provide this sheet to your child’s licensed health professional to ensure proper immunization.

Proof of Residency

To attend Kingsman Academy, the student must reside in the District of Columbia. 

Copies, scans, or photos of original Proof of Residency documents must be submitted. Each document must be in the name of the parent or legal guardian enrolling the student. All submissions must also contain the name of the student.

Please submit ONE of the following:

  • a pay stub issued within 45 days with your DC address and DC taxes (not MD or VA)

  • proof of financial assistance from the DC Government on official letterhead or sent directly from a DC office (such as Housing Assistance, TANF, or Food Stamps)

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) annual benefits notification

  • Military Housing Orders and Verification Letter

Or TWO of the following with the same name and address on both documents:

  • unexpired DC drivers license (or other official non-driver identification)

  • unexpired DC motor vehicle registration

  • unexpired lease or rental agreement with proof of payment or receipt

  • a utility bill (only gas, electric and water bills are acceptable) with proof of payment or receipt

If Kingsman Academy determines additional information is needed to verify the student’s residency, further documentation can be requested from the enrolling person, including hard copies of electronically submitted documents.

If you have questions about student registration, please email or call the school at (202) 547-1028.

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