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Request for Student Records

Records Requests

All records requests will be processed each Friday from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Requests for academic records—such as transcripts, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), report cards, conduct, attendance, and enrollment verifications—must be submitted in writing through this online form.

Authorization Forms

We require official authorization to provide student records, such as a signed release form or a court order. Please click the button, then complete the appropriate form, based on the age of the student. Be sure to press the Submit button after completing the appropriate form.

Requestor ID

For assistance with these forms, please contact DeSean at or (202) - 455 - 6528.

To submit student records to Kingsman Academy please click here.

If the records request is from anyone other than a current or former Kingsman Academy student, parent or guardian already in our system, or CFSA child abuse and neglect investigator, we also require a copy of the requestor's state-issued ID with the records request. If the request is for an agency and not a specific person, a work ID from that agency is required with the request. Please upload a copy or photo of your state-issued ID with your records request. You can do this by clicking the Upload button at the bottom of the Records Request form. 

Options PCS

Kingsman Academy does not maintain records for students who attended Options PCS but never attended Kingsman Academy. This applies to all student records prior to 2015. Former Options students may be able to obtain records from the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board by calling (202) 328-2660.

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