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R.I.S.E is one of four academic programs offered at Kingsman Academy to meet the needs of each student. Explore each program to see where you would be at your best. 

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Raising Individual Students towards Excellence (R.I.S.E.) is an opportunity to follow an alternative pathway with an evening schedule and an online program to gain the credits needed to earn a high school diploma while developing the skills and values necessary to successfully transition to being a self-reliant member of the workforce.

Opportunities in the R.I.S.E Program

  • Evening schedule with self-paced learning and personalized support

  • Blended learning: online courses combined with projects, facilitated discussion, small group mini-lessons, and one-on-one support


  • Students gain the skills and values necessary to successfully transition from a high school scholar to a self-reliant member of the workforce


  • Personal plans and support to help students continuously progress towards their goals

Program Highlights

Students in the R.I.S.E program have the opportunity to pursue their academic and professional interests through sports, professional development seminars, community meetups, and academic excursions across the DMV area. 

Example of Program Activities 

  • Spy Museum

  • Men's self-care

  • The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

  • Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • Ettiquette Luncheon

  • Winter Workshop at DeepCreekLake


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