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Bridging the Gap

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Bridging the Gap is one of four different high school programs offered at Kingsman Academy to meet the needs of each student. Explore each program to see where you would be at your best. 

Bridging the Gap KAPCS
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The Bridging the Gap program offers a change of scenery that allows students to re-engage in their studies. Small groups learn in alternative settings -- in school and around Washington D.C. and beyond -- to help them focus on their academics and see the meaning of their education beyond high school.

Opportunities in the Bridging the Gap Program


  • Small sections of 5-10 students

  • Students grouped by social-emotional needs, academic abilities and goals

  • Highly personalized program to meet each student where they are and travel with them to academic and personal success

  • Learning expeditions where students complete their academic work at different locations throughout Washington D.C. refocus student attention and priorities

  • Real-world learning that helps students see the meaning of their education and the possibilities for life beyond high school

Five Kingsman student work in a library off-campus.
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