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Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap is one of four academic programs offered at Kingsman Academy to meet the needs of each student. Explore each program to see where you would be at your best. 

Bridging the Gap KAPCS
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Bridging the Gap students have an opportunity to work with behavior specialists, clinicians, teachers, and case managers to better understand their needs, develop a personalized plan, and work toward behavior, academic and post-secondary goals. Students receive intensive academic support through community-based instruction, project-based learning, and personalized competency-based education in a therapeutic supportive environment. All students receive individualized positive behavior intervention support, group and individualized counseling services, career development, and wrap-around services.

Opportunities in the Bridging the Gap Program

  • Small sections of 5-10 students

  • Students grouped by social-emotional needs, academic abilities and goals

  • Highly personalized program to meet each student where they are and travel with them to academic and personal success

  • Learning expeditions where students complete their academic work at different locations throughout Washington D.C. refocus student attention and priorities

  • Real-world learning that helps students see the meaning of their education and the possibilities for life beyond high school

Program Highlights

Students in the Bridging the Gap program have the opportunity to pursue their academic and professional interests through sports, professional development seminars, community meetups, and academic excursions across the DMV area. 

Example of Program Activities 

  • Spy Musuem

  • The National Great Blacks in Wax Museum

  • Holocaust Memorial Musuem

  • Ettiquette Luncheon

  • Winter Workshop at DeepCreekLake


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