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Next Year School Changes

BUILD Projects

Meet a Board Member!

Next-Year and Enrollment FAQs

Wellness Day

Community Meetings

60 Seconds on Virtual Learning: with Ms. Bowlding!

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Big Changes for Next School Year!

Kingsman is making some very big changes next school year! The last day of school for the 2020-2021 School-year is June 25, but next year will be starting July 6! That’s because we will be starting a year-round school calendar. The new school calendar will have approximately the same amount of school days but give students consistent resources all year-round. Students will still be able to thrive and excel at their own pace with the Competency Based Education Model that Kingsman offers, and they will also have consistent breaks for assessments, holidays and mental health check-in. The school calendar will have six weeks of learning, one week of assessments and one week off; with no school on Fridays starting October 8! Check out the information Ms. Kelly presented for more information!

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This Spring, high school teacher Ms. Seawood initiated shout-outs for students and staff as another excellent way to celebrate the everyday successes of the Kingsman Academy Community! There have been over 15 shout-outs so far and hope to see many more! Congratulations to all of the students and staff who have received shout-outs so far! 

Ms. Brown, Ms.Aguzie, T. Young, S. Chambers, J. Bishop, Ms. Seawood, A. Bostic,  D. Ford, E. Jack, T. Brown, N. Mathews, C. Harris, S. Hipps,
Kingsman staff, students and families.

The BUILD x Kingsman Partnership was an opportunity for students to learn entrepreneurship skills and understand the human-centered design process. They took on a COVID-19 Virtual Design Challenge, which asked them to create a product to help a client who is experiencing issues in their life due to the pandemic.Kingsman Academy High School and Middle Scholars worked very diligently on their BUILD projects. Students pitched an app to help their client, Muhamed, who suffers from depression due to COVID-19, and others like him.
Check out their pitch video below! 

BUILD Projects

Kingsman Scholars Find Solutions!

We want to send a special Congratulations to all of the students who took the ACT and a Thank You to our staff! 

A Slideshow on
Virtual Learning

From the Kingsman Scholar Perspective 


Meet a Board Member

Founding Member Maria Blaeuer

Maria Blaeuer is one of the founding Kingsman Academy Board Members.  She saw the value, the potential and the difference that Kingsman Academy could provide the community. She began fighting to prove that Kingsman was everything that she thought it was and fought to prove its legitimacy. “It’s important that Kingsman exists.” She explained that Kingsman, it’s mission and competency-based education model are very important to the students and the community that it serves. 

Maria Blaeuer is a mother of three students and loves to talk to her chickens, cats and dogs. When she was 

a student, she wasn’t too fond of school. She recalls not liking elementary school, middle school or high school. But she continued toward her educational goals.  She attended Howard University School of Law, where she learned from her professors that everything she had experienced made her valuable and made her who she is today. She thought she needed to learn in a certain way, be from a certain family, or have other life experiences in order to reach her goals. Her professors made her realize how untrue that was. Her ability to bring all of her experiences and be her true self makes her the advocate that she always wanted to be. 


If she could give one piece of advice to the students of Kingsman Academy it would be “Be proud of who you are and what you’re doing.” She believes mistakes are how you get better at life. Her philosophy is that it’s not about the mistakes that you make, but what you do with those mistakes and what you learn from them. Once you learn from your mistakes, you can figure out how to do something better.

Wellness Day

We're Enrolling for
School year!

Find out how to earn YouEarnedIt points when referring new students to school year 2021-2022!

Kingsman Academy is currently enrolling for all Academic Programs for next school year! Find out more about our academic programs on our website. Current Kingsman Academy students have the opportunity to take advantage of many opportunities to get YouEarnedIt Points when referring new students! Students can earn 1500 YouEarnedIt Points when a new student lists their name as a referral source on an application and an additional 2500 points when that student begins the first day of school! In addition to referring new students, Kingsman students  can earn 5000 YouEarnedIt points for completing their own re-enrollment paperwork. Refer a student and re-enroll today! Enrollment support and assistance is available weekly at Wellness Day and via each program’s Intervention Coordinator! 


Thursdays from 3pm to 5pm


There’s been so much fun at Wellness Day! Every Thursday, since Kingsman began operating virtually,  we host Wellness Day, where students and their families can safely visit campus to access many of the resources that Kingsman provides! In addition to grilled burgers and hot dogs, students can pick up PPE and school supplies. They are greeted by staff with Breakfast & Lunchboxes that contain enough food for the week. They get tech support for any issues that may have with their school-issued technology. Students have the opportunity to receive counseling and even a rapid COVID-19 test! Wellness Day offers so much to the Kingsman Academy community, come and check it out before the end of the school year. Wellness Day is every Thursday from 3pm to 5pm. R.I.S.E. Students get YouEarnedIt points just for attending!

60 Seconds on Virtual Learning

with Ms. Bowlding

“I am a STEM teacher. I have taught at KA for 4 years. Virtual learning has definitely been a challenge, especially being a mother of one school-aged child and a toddler. Finding balance was very important for me. I was able to accomplish that with the continued support of Kingsman Academy. My advice to students and their families is to just be encouraged. I understand that being at home has its distractions,  but it's important to stay focused and get the job done. I enjoy every day that my students show up for virtual learning. My first concern is their well-being, so being able to touch base and communicate with them is a highlight. Then, ultimately making sure that my students are learning and getting what they need from me as their teacher."


Kingsman Academy Community Meetings

Celebration of Learning

Earlier this year, Kingsman Academy hosted the Trimester 1 Celebration of Learning. Students and their families were invited to this virtual event to celebrate all of the milestones students have surpassed so far. Every program had students receive awards that ranged from Most Improved, Knight PRIDE, and attendance allstars!

Community meetings, held each morning, are a special opportunity for students and staff to celebrate accomplishments, learn about new opportunities, and prepare for the rest of the day, in an inclusive and supportive environment. Community Meetings at Kingsman are always filled with something wonderful! From presentations to inspiration, the Kingsman community meetings work very hard to expand scholar’s knowledge in as many ways as possible. Below are three presentations that have taken place during Community Meetings this spring.


C. Stiney's World Language Presentation

S. Henderson's World Language Presentation


K. Stuckey's Frederick Douglass Presentation

Kingsman Academy Closed Memorial Day  May 31
Middle School Promotion June 28

High School Graduation June 25

Last Day of School June 25

First Day of School July 6

Wellness Day happens every Thursday Afternoon! 

Now enrolling! Kingsman Academy is enrolling new students for next school year.

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